Digital Health in Society


Coordinators : Emmanuel Didier

Coordinating institution : Paris Sciences & Lettres University (PSL)

Key words

Health, digital, social sciences, infrastructures, politics, one health, economics, professions, ethics, value


We propose to study the determinants and social effects of the emerging digital health, especially in the fields of data infrastructure construction, the transformation of health professions, the upheaval of health democracy and the new modalities of value creation. This project, located on the Val de Grâce site, will set up a transversal Digital Health and Society Institute that is a member of the PariSanté Campus.

Laboratory or department, team Supervisors
Centre Maurice Halbwachs – UMR 8097 CNRS, ENS, EHESS, Paris Sciences & Lettres University

INRAE partner

CERMES3 – U 988/ UMR 8211 Inserm, CNRS, Paris Cité University

EHESS partner

ISJPS – UMR 8103 Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne University, CNRS
LEDA – UMR 8007 Paris-Dauphine University – Paris Sciences & Lettres University, CNRS, IRD
Lip6 – UMR 7606 Eq Complex Networks CNRS, Gustave Eiffel – Marne La Vallée University, SU